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Dead Years

Survive with your best friend - your dog!
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Hey hey!

How are you all doing? The veil of silence has been lifted :D
We've got some new screenshots on the progress we've made. Even though our working methods are pretty underground-ish, the game is and always will be evolving.... Until it is done to our satisfaction, that is :)

So, for the last few months, we were focused on developing the level design of Mount Ox - a small touristic town in the mountains, where your adventures will unravel in mysterious directions.

Another announcement! We will set up a booth at PAX East this year! YEY! And, frankly, we're pretty eager to get there, mostly because we're so excited to show off the evolution of the game. Apart from the level design, we've developed the main character, the dog, and their communication system. Also, our story writing has taken a new turn, but we'll deliver the info one bit at a time:)

Until next time, folks!
Yours truly, Nataliya

Dead Years

Dead Years

Dead Years
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Oy! Studio ZeroByte and all its ferrety advisors are extremely excited to present to you... THE OFFICIAL DEAD YEARS WORLD MAP! DEAD YEARS OFFICIAL WORLD MAP Sketched as an old road map, it depicts a medley landscape with mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes. Two inner roads (42 and 138), one express way (61), as well as a number of railroads and tunnels, will guide you through the main axes, and ultimately lead you further down the storyline, unraveling mysteries, accomplishing quests, and discovering a variety of landmarks. Your adventure will begin right after Yun Mountain pass, on the bottom right of the map. On the northern edge, the biggest city in the game - Renburg City - a former heaven bubble of blooming culture, science and economics. On your way, your team will be able to explore and scavenge three smaller towns - Mount Ox, Gudthington, and Vega. Buckle up!
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Hey everyone, what's up!

Quick update on Dead Years! As we get closer and closer to the (free!) demo launch, a lot of pretty cool features are getting added to the game.

First you will be able to loot/scavenge almost every small/medium sized objects you see in the game. You will also be able to use these items later on to craft, heal yourself and to sell/trade with other survivors.

The dog:
Your dog will be much much more than an AI companion. You will be able to play as the dog. So you can either play in team mode or switch to your companion. Some of the cool features will include doing quests that can only be completed by the dog, sneaking inside groups of enraged without being seen and scouting ahead, by running super fast :)

Day/Night cycle:
Some of you might have already seen it but the game will have a full day/night cycle. Here are some screens taken early in the afternoon, in the evening and late at night! And yes, it will have a big impact on the game as some events will only happen at certain periods of the day etc!




That's it for now,
Cheers, we'll update you guys again soon :)
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Bonjour dear indies!

May be you remember our excessive excitement a few days ago while prepping our booth for the epic floors of Boston convention center. P-tothe-A-tothe-X, east coast represent!

Well... we made it!! Through storms, customs, off-road beef jerkeys, sleepless nights and hurtful ankles, we rose to the challenge. The reward: an unexpectedly awesome exquisite chest of positive feedback from gamers and professionals! It was so surprisingly pleasant and recharging that we got immediately back to business once back to our motherland, even though fatigue has turned us into beanbags!

Here are some images of our booth, the ambiance, as well as our ZeroByte republic flag (too much free time on our hands, so we decided to build a republic, haha):

Dead Years' PAX East booth

Dead Years' PAX East booth

PAX East overview

ZeroByte's republic official flag

Anyway, this is not even the most exciting news. During PAXEast gamers were not only fun to talk to, but also super creative. So, we've got some smart suggestions and we took them. Meaning, the demo will be even better (trust us on this, eventhough you have nothing to compare to!). ETA: about two weeks, guys!! Dead Years will blossom in Spring!
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Hello everybody!

We've got some super exciting news for you!

#1 __PAX East__

Super exciting news for Dead Years - we'll be exhibiting at PAX East! YES!

The show will run from March 6th to March 8th in Boston, and it will be the perfect occasion to meet you all in person. We will set a booth (#9249) with three playing stations for you to actually try Dead Years for the first time! And of course, we will be there, ready to chat with you, receive your feedback, exchange ideas and laughs. It is an epic moment in the history of ZeroByte studio, and we are so happy to be able to share it with you and get an immediate response on how you feel about the game. So don't hesitate for a second to come say "Hi!" at our booth!

#2 __DEMO__

You guessed it! Exhibiting at PAX East also means... A DEMO!
Finally, right?! :)

First, we wanted to thank you all for your amazing support and endless patience that helped us continue our work with enthusiasm. It is really precious! Being an extra small team with countless tasks, it is not easy sometimes to get the timing right. BUT... we have never stopped working on Dead Years, and here we are - at the dawn of the demo!

We decided to launch it online at the beginning of PAX East so that we could be (hopefully) immediately flooded by your real-life and virtual feedback, thus helping us to get a hold on where we stand. This said, in a short while we'll put up a link where you will be able to express your opinion.

Stay tuned!

#3 __Montreal Joue__

Besides PAX East, we will have the chance to present a playable version of Dead Years on a pretty sweet Montreal event this week. We are talking about Montreal Joue that will take place at SAT on Saturday February 21st from 16h to 24h.

We'll present a pre-demo version on two playing stations. If you happen to be around, please come by for a greet-and-play!

You can find all this info (and a bonus) on our first ever newsletter that was just sent out in the interwebz. You can find it here, and also don't forget to subscribe!

DeadYears by DeadYears @
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